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Week to date…

Sean Louka Well it’s only Wednesday but already my week has felt more like two – in terms of workload anyway!


But it’s all good and one must never grumble when one is busy!


On Monday, I went to look at an exciting new job. This one is a little unusual; it basically involves incorporating a storage area into a factory mezzanine space. We will be designing a crew room and also an office space so fingers crossed they will love our designs (and of course we will price it right, too). Will keep you posted.


I have also been to see the engineer at the barn we are currently working on. Rather interestingly, the guys found a brick corbel footing when they were digging an area out.


I’m looking forward to getting design inspiration from the Alps – I always try and do this whenever I am abroad or if I am in any new place with different architecture.My new mountain bike has now arrived and I am going mountain

mountain bike

biking in Morzine, France soon, to make the most of my new toy and to try and grab a (rather active) break!


Travel, after all, enriches us in so many ways.


Have a great week everyone, will update you soon hopefully with more photos!


Sean Stack

Summer Pursuits

Sean Stack - Louka Fine FinishSummer’s coming – it only seems like yesterday when I was writing about spring!


Personally, I can’t wait; it’s my favourite season of the year. I am sure that I am not alone in this and this week’s heat-wave has given me a bit of a taster for things to come!


When I’m not busy working on one of our grand designs, I like to relax in the great outdoors. But my interests are not for the faint-hearted – I like mountains.


Yes, that’s right!


I like to go mountain-climbing and also love a spot of downhill mountain-biking. I have come a cropper on a few occasions



but I am still here to tell the tale. If you treat nature with respect then generally it loves you back.


There’s just nothing like being outdoors; it’s good for the mind, body and soul.


What do you like to do? I would love to hear from you to find out how you enjoy summer – tweet me @loukafinefinish and let me know!


Of course, if you are more of a gardener than a mountaineer then don’t forget, we are here to get your outside living space just right so that you can make the most of the summer months that lie ahead of us.


Oh, and we build some fantastic elevated timber structures – for kids and big kids alike!

Sean Stack





p.s. no, the guy in the picture’s not me – I would post one but it’s a bit hard to take one of yourself! 🙂