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Sean’s Blog: Finishing Touches

Sean Stack - Louka Fine Finish

Hi all,

Hope you are all well and dare I say it, still enjoying the sunshine?

My team of expert craftsmen have been finishing off the bespoke kitchen refurbishment project that I blogged about last week.

drain cover

I have had a very busy week working on a major project and have just popped in to check on progress. It is only a quick update today but all I can say is that I’m proud of what we have created (final pics to follow) and for me, it’s the little details that count.

We aren’t called Louka Fine Finish for nothing – it’s those finishing touches that make a refurbished kitchen look like a truly top-end, new & bespoke kitchen. With items like our hand-crafted kitchen draining board, it’s obvious to anyone entering the new space that this isn’t an off-the-peg kitchen.

It’s a one off, bespoke piece.

And no, we won’t tell anyone that the cost of a Louka Fine Finish refurbishment is – in most cases, obviously depending on requirements – as kind to the pocket as a mass-produced kitchen that you will find in 100’s of other houses across the land.

Sean Stack MD of Louka Fine Finish


Concept Designs

Sean Stack - Louka Fine Finish
I believe that the client is everything. Now, I know that sounds a little bit cheesy, but it’s true.


Buildings should be a joint collaboration of vision and people should be able to work with their chosen main contractor from design stage and stay as little – or as heavily – involved with the process as they like until the build has ended.


With this in mind, I always make sure that I take time to get to understand our client’s requirements thoroughly and get a clear outline of what they want. It goes without saying that people would like to see their ideas come to life a little before a project starts; after all, who can really “see” properly from architects plans alone?


We work with our clients gain a true insight into their project right from the start and work with CAD and 3D models, as well as just putting pen to paper.


I am very excited about our latest Barn Conversion project and will be posting some of our design work right here on our site so keep your eyes peeled!


In the meantime, have a fabulous week and enjoy the sunshine – let’s hope it stays in place for some time yet!

Sean Stack

Exciting New Barn Conversion Design and Build Shropshire Project

Barn Conversion Design and Build Hi guys,

These past few weeks have been extremely busy for the Louka Fine Finish team; not  only has my team been buzzing around the UK working on various ongoing projects, I  have personally been working with a potential client to fulfil their dreams to turn  their existing old coach house into the home of their dreams.


I am very excited to tell you that Louka Fine Finish Limited have been awarded the exclusive design and build management for this exciting Shropshire project; we are hoping to be  on-site within the next 7 weeks so of course I will keep you updated with my regular  blogs and pictures of how the build is progressing.

This particular development is very interesting as I will be working personally on a one-to-one basis with my new client and presenting 3D modelling concepts to help them visualise what we will be creating for them.

In addition, the build will include an extension to link the historic building to oak framed garages and full landscaping work. Inside the property, we will be working on creating a bespoke interior space and will be handling all of the design works, too.

Barn Conversion Main Contractors Shropshire

Barn Conversion Design and Build Shropshire Project


Sean Stack