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Week to date…

Sean Louka Well it’s only Wednesday but already my week has felt more like two – in terms of workload anyway!


But it’s all good and one must never grumble when one is busy!


On Monday, I went to look at an exciting new job. This one is a little unusual; it basically involves incorporating a storage area into a factory mezzanine space. We will be designing a crew room and also an office space so fingers crossed they will love our designs (and of course we will price it right, too). Will keep you posted.


I have also been to see the engineer at the barn we are currently working on. Rather interestingly, the guys found a brick corbel footing when they were digging an area out.


I’m looking forward to getting design inspiration from the Alps – I always try and do this whenever I am abroad or if I am in any new place with different architecture.My new mountain bike has now arrived and I am going mountain

mountain bike

biking in Morzine, France soon, to make the most of my new toy and to try and grab a (rather active) break!


Travel, after all, enriches us in so many ways.


Have a great week everyone, will update you soon hopefully with more photos!


Sean Stack

Barn Conversion Update

clip_image004_thumb.jpgWell what a week! We have had a virtual heat wave and then constant downpours; it seems like the UK weather doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going!


To cheer myself up and try and rid myself of this dreary weather I am getting a new mountain bike – details to be revealed at a later date….


Back to business, then. Specifically, an update on the barn conversion that we have been working on and writing about.


The drawings that we bought you in our previous barn blog are now at the structural engineers and calculations are also being done. A trial hole is being dug so that we can prepare designs for the foundation slab, too.


We handle all the design and build for our clients and – where necessary – we employ external, professional (and insured!) consultants, like engineers for example.


At this exciting point in the project, I am really looking forward to getting the barn build underway and incorporating some really cool, contemporary features to make the building totally unique.


After all, that’s what we do best.


I will bring you more details when I have them – in the meantime, have a great week and try to make the most of the great British summertime weather!

Barn Conversion Initial Design Drawings


Converted Barn Visualisation A

Converted Barn Visualisation A


It’s been an exciting time lately at Louka Fine Finish; we have a lot of projects on the go and the Barn Conversion that I told you about at the start of the month is now at design drawing stage.

Converted Barn Visualisation B

Converted Barn Visualisation B


Although I obviously can’t be too specific, my clients have agreed that I can share some of the drawings we have prepared for the project to give you an idea of what we are building.

Ground Floor Overview

Ground Floor Overview


As you can see, the drawings give the client a real feel for their project – this is always something that we make sure we do when taking on any new build or renovation. We work with people to realise their vision – in short, we design AND build.

First Floor Overview

First Floor Overview


I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject so feel free to chat to me on @loukafinefinish about any project that you have in mind.


In the meantime, have a great week and I look forward to bringing you my next update!


Sean Stack