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Transforming Interior Space

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We are currently working on a project in a beautiful Shropshire Country House.


The brief was for us to transform two existing rooms and also to add in a luxury en-suite bathroom. We are working on two 2 exclusive suites in that will also have potential rental opportunities.


The features that we are including as part of this project are:blog pic 2

▪ New dormer (to create en-suite)
▪ Bespoke oak furniture and fittings
▪ Sliding glass hidden doors
▪ Stunning views onto open countryside


I don’t know about you, but I think definite rental potential is more likely – there is nothing better than waking up to views of the rolling Shropshire hills and open fields.

blog pic 3


Especially, of course, when it is Sunny like it has been this week – it has been a pleasure to work on this job in such a lovely part of the world.

Sean Stack


Work House Deck

Sean Stack - Louka Fine Finish

Hi everyone,

work house deck 1

I thought that some of you would be interested to see a design that I came up with for a potential client – it’s a rather exciting “Work House Deck” which will be situated in Mid Wales.


As you can see, it’s not your usual sort of project; working on the unusual, bespoke and contemporary is what we do best.

work house deck 3

Here are the design features in brief:

● Bespoke helical staircase has solid Oak treads
● Steps down lead to new outside dining area
● Helical staircase will lead down to an Italian-style pizza oven
● Nautical styled hand rails feature
● The building is designed to complement the rolling hills and countryside that it surrounds


work house deck 5


The lovely people who we have prepared these drawings for have given very positive feedback so far so I’m hopeful that if it turns into a project that they will give their permission for me to feature it on my blog.


work house deck plans 2



In this case, I will be able to keep you up to date with the design and build stages from start to finish!

Sean Stack


Barn Conversion Initial Design Drawings


Converted Barn Visualisation A

Converted Barn Visualisation A


It’s been an exciting time lately at Louka Fine Finish; we have a lot of projects on the go and the Barn Conversion that I told you about at the start of the month is now at design drawing stage.

Converted Barn Visualisation B

Converted Barn Visualisation B


Although I obviously can’t be too specific, my clients have agreed that I can share some of the drawings we have prepared for the project to give you an idea of what we are building.

Ground Floor Overview

Ground Floor Overview


As you can see, the drawings give the client a real feel for their project – this is always something that we make sure we do when taking on any new build or renovation. We work with people to realise their vision – in short, we design AND build.

First Floor Overview

First Floor Overview


I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject so feel free to chat to me on @loukafinefinish about any project that you have in mind.


In the meantime, have a great week and I look forward to bringing you my next update!


Sean Stack