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One of the things I love about doing what I do is taking on a project that changes a disused or unloved building and restoring it back to its former glory. There are just so many buildings out there that are crying out for some restorative attention and I really enjoy getting involved when I get the chance.


Obviously, with the traditional craftsmanship that Louka Fine Finish specialise in, we are often called upon to work on this type of project as main contractors. Also, our skills are often called upon by anyone wanting bespoke joinery, carpentry, stonework, landscaping or general building.


For example, this is only part of a project, but I just loved these working on these reclaimed iron and oak framework windows to help give a building the TLC it needed (and trust me, it did the trick!)


Reclaimed Iron work and Oak framework

As well as the traditional, I’m also a big fan of the contemporary and I am always really keen to get involved with projects where something completely innovative and fresh is created – from scratch or transformed from an existing building. I always work personally with my clients from design stage to ensure that they get the look and feel – and space! – that they are looking for.


I am heading off to see a new project today which is a potential barn conversion and can’t wait – I will keep you all posted and hopefully put up some pictures too!


Sean Stack

Grand Designs

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