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Sean Stack - Louka Fine FinishHi everyone,


I hope that you are well and wherever you are you didn’t feel the effects too much from the tail-end of “Hurricane Bertha”.


Today, here in Shropshire, it is actually quite sunny – although it was a tad blowy last night, you really wouldn’t know it had even been raining this afternoon.


Why am I talking about the weather? Well, I usually do (being an outdoorsy kind of guy) but I have been busy working outside on an exciting but I am afraid, top-secret project which has meant that I have been out in the elements for quite a lot of the time.


This particular project a restoration one; taking a beautiful old building and giving it a new lease of life. I have been heavily involved with the client and the devil is certainly in the detail – our highly skilled craftsmen have been working tirelessly to re-instate some of the features of the building that have been lost or damaged over time.


Reclaimed-Iron-work-and-Oak-frameworkAs modern developments are going up at quite a rate, a lot of them are becoming faceless: the need for skilled traditional craftsmen is getting less and less.


It can be hard nowadays for an individual to find specialist tradesmen like a traditional thatcher, for example, or a company to carry out particular types of bespoke brick-work and/or repairs.


If you have a beautiful old property and would like to breathe some life into it, then please feel free to contact me for an initial chat. Our tradesmen and contacts cover a whole portfolio of skills so there is no reason why your building has to lose its design integrity to blend in with some of todays’ faceless properties.


And that, for today, is all I have to say: we have to remember to admire the beauty of our traditional buildings and appreciate the sheer skill that went into building them.


And we have to – where we can – try and keep them looking as good as they day that they went up.


Sean Stack MD of Louka Fine Finish


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