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Sean Stack - Louka Fine Finish

Hello everyone,


Once again I find myself starting out with a commentary on the weather but truly, it seems like this is a summer that just keeps on giving! Here we are, working on carpentry and building – projects both inside and out – in humidity that we are just not used to, but we are coping – just!


I though I would bring you a few pictures this week of some more finishing touches to a bespoke kitchen refurbishment that we have recently completed. Items like the bespoke oak butcher’s block and solid oak custom-made kitchen draining board really do help to give the kitchen a real high-end feel.


Like I said previously, refurbishing your kitchen with Louka Fine Finish could cost you a lot less than starting from scratch and replacing with mass-market kitchen units so why not contact me for a quotation?


Remember, everything we design is individual and designed with only the client in mind: whatever we craft and create for you will be unlike anything you will see anywhere else.


And that’s a promise.


Sean Stack MD of Louka Fine Finish





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